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new here... first post. [27 Apr 2010|01:41pm]

wow im so happy i found this group!
age: 22
H: 5'11" 1/2
CW: 152.4 (69.2kg)
LW: 123 (56kg)
HW: 154.5 (70kg)
STWG: 130 (59kg)
LTWG: 119 (54kg)

500+cals on treadmill/day, & try to eat under 200 cals. i haven't purged in ages thank GOD. missed outpatient lately (unable to confess things) so i hope posting helps me keep the bulimia in check. i know its not really any better, but i feel safe with ana & i just want to get back to my old numbers. so thats me! x
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Thinspiration.... [16 Dec 2009|06:34pm]

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ugh!!! =( [08 Nov 2009|08:03pm]

[ mood | yet determined! ]

 i could die right now.....

     hello lovelies....i havnt been on in......well forever so most of you probably don't remember me but my names victoria n im sooooooo incredibly happy to be back!!!....i just got out of "recovery"...again.....because of my stupid cheerleading coach >=( .....anyways im back n ive gained 15 lbs (i kno ugh D=<) so i RLY need an ana buddy!!!...i need a texting buddy if possible....i live in miami, florida (USA) n i have AT&T (but i can text any network.....please please please help me!!! i need it =(....anyways my number is (954) 261-2292.....hope to here from you lovely ladies n gents soon!!!
 i could die right now.....

     hello lovelies....i havnt been on in......well forever so most of you probably don't remember me but my names victoria n im sooooooo incredibly happy to be back!!!....i just got out of "recovery"...again.....because of my stupid cheerleading coach >=( .....anyways im back n ive gained 15 lbs (i kno ugh D=<) so i RLY need an ana buddy!!!...i need a texting buddy if possible....i live in miami, florida (USA) n i have AT&T (but i can text any network.....please please please help me!!! i need it =(....anyways my number is (954) 261-2292.....hope to here from you lovely ladies n gents soon!!!
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[04 Aug 2009|04:57pm]

Hello girls! I haven't been on for a while becuase my boss said she would fire me if i didn't eat... cause of my mood and stuff. Anyways, that was just a summer job and IT'S OVER!
so, i really need to get back on track.. It's been a lot easier than i ever thought it would be. In fact, it's harder not to be on track.
anyone want to join me? i really want a texting buddie!
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*poke* [11 Aug 2006|02:01am]

I need someone to encourage me and I will do the same.

Once upon a time, it seemed I always had someone fasting with me, comparing calories with me, doing better/worse than me. Whether it be at work, in my off time, or online.

Now...everybody has either recovered or is just too busy to bother. I recovered for a little while and have packed 20lbs as a result.

Anyway. If you're interested, let me know.

I'm damn near desperate.
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[02 Jul 2006|06:53pm]
Sorry, but the previous link about Britney was wrong. Here is correct one...

[25 Jun 2006|01:00am]

Yay! My community still exists! If you don't know me (and you probably don't), I'm Rachael. I'm the (not so active) moderator of this community.

Well ladies (and I think I saw a boy hanging around too), I have been slipping down, down, down. Unfortunately, not in weight. But that is about to FUCKING end! My dog (15 years old, owned him for 11 years) died on thursday night. I keep trying to hide in denial, make myself happy, ignore it, and a side effect of that has been that I've been stuffing my face. Tonight I made the decision that this is NOT healthy or good, so I've let myself begin to accept his death, and while terribly depressing, is making me lose my appetite.

a reminder:

HW: 220+
CW: 199 (AUGH!)
LW: 145

STG: 180
LTG: 150, 140, 130, etc.
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[22 Jun 2006|02:13am]
Hi, I'm new to this community and here's some stuff about me. It's so cool this is for the tall ana.

Name: Cornholio
Location: Texas
Height: Six foot
Current weight: 180 (Yeah, that's pretty gross)
Lowest weight you've ever been: 120
Highest weight you've ever been: 186
Goal weight: 120
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[19 Jun 2006|05:49pm]

hey i'm new here heres my stats
age: 15
height 5'9
weight 132 pounds 60 kg
highest weight: 63kg
lw: 57 kg
1st goal: to get back to 57kg
goal goal: 52kg

sozza i dont know exactly in pounds...
anyway i'm really aiming to get back to 57 by July 10th (haha dont ask me why its the tenth but that'll do)
so if anyone wasnts to join me e.g. have same weight or height or both then add me as a friend!
lv lily
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[16 Jun 2006|12:42am]

It seems like there are no more tall ana's anymore. I keep looking at all of these communities and there are these tiny small girls, 5'7" and under and I'm like, "Oh cool, I can't relate to them at all. They're tiny."

I want this community to come back alive! We need support and only the tall girls understand other tall girls.

I know with me it's difficult because not many of these small girls have actually been overweight. I weighed over 220 pounds(I stopped counting at that point) and these other girls are like, "OMG.. I WEIGH LIKE.. 120 POUNDS. OH MUH GAWD." And it's just depressing. They've never been overweight, they probably never will. They don't UNDERSTAND.

So anyway.. Just wanted to see if anyone was out there like me. :/

P.S. I've been gone for like.. two years because the shit hit the fan, I decided to eat *normal* and it isn't working out. So I'm slippin' back down.

Highest Weight: 220+
Lowest Weight: 134
Current Weight: 148

Short Term Goal: 135
Long term Goal: 120.. Or 100. I haven't decided.

Love ya baby dolls.
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[10 Jun 2006|04:05pm]
hey everyone its Ray your dude ana- im back and am starting completely over today even tho im doing great i havent been on any one given routine- and thats what im looking to do- im going to liquid fast while calorie restricting and walking/ working out sometimes- and also on diet pills. Anyone in the same category ? oh yeah- and yes im tall im 6ft and my weight now is like 170 (around) and my goal is 135 - :) keep up love and support- luvz u guys- peace - *Raymond
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[09 Mar 2006|09:54am]

I've decided to create a website, and on it I would like to feature people who are suffering from eating disorders journals. If you are interested, please leave a comment on my journal, and I will put a link on my website to your journal. It is not a pro-ana website, I do not condone eating disorders, or wish one on anyone, it is a support website for people who are already suffering.
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Newbie [07 Feb 2006|03:43pm]

I just came across this community and wanted to join. I always look for support where I can find it.

Here are my stats:

Age: 34
Sex: Female
Ht: 5'8"
CW: 170
LW: 97
STGW: 135
LTGW 120

How long have you been ana: well, first time at 13 (1 year after my mom died, dad died when I was 8 both from cancers). went through recovery in inpatient treatment for 3 months, then again at 15 both time diagnosed by my therapist. Had been seeing a therapist since I was 8 after father died, then off on. In treatment for 6 months, long term treatment for 2 years (15-17 years), then recovered again. Have had issues since I can remember with body and weight issues. Went on a serious diet change (with help from JC), got carried away, lost 30 lbs, and wanted to keep going, had ana tendencies strongly again at 24. Working out everyday, cardio 4 times or more a week, weight lifting 3 times a week.

Wanting to get back into my thin body again, I feel so un-natural at my weight right now.

I will update my journal with more later...Please add me as a friend I would like your support. My favorite things to do: listen to music, running, restricting, writing, movies, etc.
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Where is everyone????? [07 Feb 2006|05:21pm]

Am I doing something wrong that I never see anyone else's posts?
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Minus 1 [10 Jan 2006|03:34pm]

I'm down a pound in weight today. I now weigh 152lbs at 6ft 2" tall. Don't know how, because my eating has been rubbish lately.

Jo x
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Pre-Xmas-Down 2lbs [28 Dec 2005|03:12pm]

Because I've been quite busy I haven't had so much time to snack on junk food, so after going back up to 155lbs for a couple of days, as of 23rd Dec I was back down to 153lbs, BMI 19.6.
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No Dramatic Weight Changes [04 Dec 2005|05:14pm]

My weight hasn't changed much in the last six weeks because I haven't been doing very much to make it change. My eating has been the usual combination of some days of total chocolate overkill and some days where I've eaten a bit less of it. I currently weigh 157lbs so my BMI is 20.1.

Last week I bought a sports bra that fits me ok. I've been checking out the range of trainers on offer in shops near my home town. I've been thinking about joining my local gym, hence my gradual acquisition of items necessary for those engaged in physical exercise. I already have some basic black cotton tracksuit bottoms but they are a bit too slim fitting around my behind for my liking.
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[24 Oct 2005|11:14am]

i am delighted to find a community for tall anas! ... i have asked this question in a couple of other ana communities, but mostly got vague encouragement rather than real information ... i am 5'11" ... is it possible for me to get down to the double digits? ... even 99 lbs? ... i want that so bad! ... but i am concerned that my bones plus absolutely necessary muscles and viscera will weigh more than 100 lbs. ... i actually don't want to die ... i enjoy a bit of pain now and then, but i want to live with it, not die by it ... so, anyway, is 5'11" and less than 100 lbs. possible? ...
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[20 Oct 2005|09:26pm]

Wed 12th Oct 05
Today I'm the highest weight I've been in a long time and I feel fat. I weigh 161lbs and have a BMI of 20.6. Two pounds of that might be period-related water retention that will drop off within the next week, I hope it is. Even if two pounds drop off I will still weigh 159lbs which I feel isn't much better.

Sometimes I think back to when I weighed ten stone (140lbs) and wonder why I didn’t just keep going then. I do know why though; it was too hard for me to keep my weight that low. Yet I still wish I’d kept going anyway.

I'm sick of this all this weight stuff (of wanting my weight to be lower and trying half-heartedly to lose weight, but failing as soon as I fancy some chocolate) yet I can't let go of my desire to be thinner.

Thurs 13th Oct 05
Apart from eating one chocolate bar too many and more Haribo sweets than is healthy (if sugary sweets ever be regarded as healthy), my eating yesterday wasn't too bad. My weight has dropped by two pounds since yesterday, which I'm relieved about. I now weigh 11 stone 5lbs (159lbs) at 6ft 2" so my BMI is 20.4.

I stayed online for about three hours today. I was trying to ignore feeling hungry. I did eat one regular sized ‘Mars’ bar while I was upstairs. I wanted the Mars bar to see me through until I cooked my dinner in the evening. Yes, my eating when I’m trying to lose weight can be a bit odd. I’m hesitant to use the word “disordered” to describe my eating because I think it could imply that my calorie intake is restricted (it DEFINITELY isn’t).

Fri 14th Oct 05
Another pound has dropped off me since yesterday. I now weigh 11 stone 4lbs (158lbs) so my BMI has gone down by a couple of tenths of a point to 20.2. I just want to be back to 154lbs NOW, yes I'm feeling impatient about regaining and then losing the same 4lbs.

I was looking at my body in a mirror this morning and I thought that "It's actually not bad, it could just do with being toned up". I'd like to lose some fat off my waist and a few inches off what I referred to this morning as my "chocolate belly".

I had breakfast at 9am so I was feeling "peckish" by midday. I resisted snacking for a while but didn't hold out on food for hours. My eating for the day was reasonable.

Sat 15th Oct 05
My weight was down by another two pounds today to 11 stone 2lbs (156lbs) which makes my BMI exactly 20 which is ok. My eating today was alright.

Sun 16th Oct 05
I had a ‘bad food day’ today due eating too many biscuits in the evening :-(. The ‘sad face’ icon is an expression of my disappointment in myself about my eating.

After a few weeks break, my inner bookworm has re-emerged recently. In the past few weeks I’ve finished one book (a fiction book called ‘Midnight Feast’ by Martina Evans), read one biography from cover to cover (‘Sickened’ by Julie Gregory) and got two thirds of the way through another autobiography (titled ‘Dry’ which was written by Augusten Burroughs). ‘Midnight Feast’ shows the potentially destructive power of close friendships between older teenage girls (one girl entices another into her eating disordered world), ‘Sickened’ is a memoir by a woman who suffered Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy at the hands of her Mother during her childhood, and ‘Dry’ charts the Author’s life from the time he was coerced into rehab for treatment for alcoholism by his employers and his attempt to stay sober after his thirty day long stay in rehab was over.
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Weight Update [04 Oct 2005|01:52pm]

I had a couple of days when I ate more healthily but this week my eating has been rubbish. I currently weigh 157lbs and am due to get pre-periodly fat very soon too, oh joy* (*sarcasm).
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